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Do you want to be your own boss? Or maybe a property magnate? Maybe you are already on your way to becoming one with your first buy to let but not sure where to take it from there. We are here to help.


Commercial and business lending can be a daunting world to take your first steps into and we are here to hold your hand. With multiple years’ experience in the commercial sector we can help you whatever stage you are at whether it is venture 1 or 100.


Commercial borrowing is borrowing on any business. This can be either a corner shop with a flat above it, restaurant or a whole plot of land to build a development. If it’s a business we can help find the right type of funding.


Newman Street Financial Services

Commercial Mortgages

  • This is a loan that is secured on any property that is not lived in.
  • This means it covers a wide range of property types from garages to hairdressers to pubs or doctors’ surgeries. We can help find the right lender for you and your business.
  • These mortgages are designed for business owners who want to purchase a property for their business. We can help you with what information is needed to show the banks from accounts to projections.
  • Often the amount of deposit required for a commercial property is higher than a residential property. Our commercial experts can help you find lender who can give you the best offer with your hard earner savings.
Newman Street Financial Services

Development Finance

  • Development finance is a short-term large figure type of finance that is used for those more experienced within property.
  • Designed as a way to raise capital to turn large scale building projects into reality.
  • Lenders will often base their, loan amount on the finished product not the current site, which means you can borrow more.
  • Ideal for builders or developers who are ready for their next project but don’t have the funds.
Newman Street Financial Services

Portfolio Buy-To-Let Mortgages

  • If you have 4 or more buy to let properties, then you are considered a portfolio landlord by many lenders. This means that the products on offer differ from the average landlord.
  • Sometimes if multiple properties are being used to secure the loan a portfolio mortgage can be used. This means that more than one property is put on one mortgage.
  • These mortgages are simpler to look after and can sometimes be got through a limited company.
  • Income from your buy to let properties can be combined with your personal income to increase the amount you can borrow.
Newman Street Financial Services

Bridging Finance

  • This is short term high interest lending. This is usually for more quick turn-around projects or a quick way of getting funds before refinancing onto a better rate.
  • We can help you decide if this is best option and search the market for the best rate to avoid paying the high interest rate for an extended period.
  • Helping you then look for the better refinance options for the long-term future.
  • Can be used to buy properties that are not mortgageable in their current state but will be once refurbished

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